Astronaut Musgrave says Aliens Exist but Not Visiting Earth

July 21st 2011 | Posted by

Former astronaut Musgrave will be speaking at the 2011 MUFON UFO Symposium in California next week and he will tell the crowd that he believes we’re not alone in the universe. But he’s also going to tell them that Earth has probably not been visited by extraterrestrials, which will disappoint the crowd of the 42nd annual event in Irvine.

The gathering will feature nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, former Air Force intelligence officer George Filer and other prominent UFO researchers.

“I’m going to tell them that, for me, and my interpretation of everything that’s come my way, I cannot arrive at the idea that we have been visited — either in the past or now,” Musgrave told The Huffington Post.

Musgrave says that despite dozens of military eyewitnesses, photos, films and corroborating radar reports, he’s still not convinced. He has as good of a claim as anyone to being an expert on extraterrestrial matters. Musgrave logged 25 million miles during six space shuttle missions and developed the spacesuit that was used by shuttle astronauts for space walks.

Here are some additional quotes he told the Huffington Post:

“Some astronauts have been quoted as saying they think they’re [aliens] out there — I have seen their evidence, and for me, it’s not evidence.”

“Other astronauts were not able to provide me with any empirical evidence, either.”

“I’ve been as deep in the military as you can go. I was Marine Corps and Air Force and spent all this time with the government — I was on two classified department of defense missions, which got me as deep in the bowels of the military and the intelligence community as you can go.”

“I found no conspiracy in terms of covering up information about extraterrestrial visits. I simply didn’t find it!” This is a contradiction to his colleague Edgar Mitchell, who have said that not only does life exist outside our planet, but we are visited often.

Musgrave is adamant that intelligent beings are thriving elsewhere in the cosmos, even though he doesn’t think that they are crossing the universe to visit Earth.

“I feel that they’re everywhere out there and they’re doing interstellar travel — we’ll think differently about ourselves once we accept that.”

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If he’s as deep in it as he claims, why wouldn’t just lie about it?

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