Governor Admits Phoenix Lights was UFO

Former Arizona Republican Governor Fife Symington (the 3rd) said that he had witnessed the Phoenix Lights during the 1997 event, but didn't go public because fear of ridicule. In an interview with the Daily Courier in Prescott, Fife said: It was enormous and inexplicable. Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too. [...]

Who is Alex Collier?

Alex Collier claims to have been contacted by a number of Alien races since the 1990’s. I’ve recently learned about him and caught up on his videos from the past decades. A lot of what he says seems to be from a science fiction movie, but he can be very convincing. He speaks with passion and seems to believe what he is saying is true. No one [...]

Studio City UFO Creating A Buzz

A witness reported seeing a black puck like object near her location in Studio City, at approximately 8:45 p.m. on July 4. She did not take any photos or video of the object; however, she performed a search on the Internet and found a video on YouTube (see below). The video was captured by a second witness and her family who were also celebrating [...]

UFO Over Notre Dame Stadium – September 2011

A UFO was captured within the lightening clouds over the Notre Dame stadium. The football game against South Florida was delayed due to lightening. During the telecast, viewers noticed the unidentified flying object, which appears to move towards the right while elevating and curving around the clouds. From the video and naked eye observation [...]

UFO Spotted over Chinese Airport

CHONGQING,China - Reports of a UFO sighting forced several planes to be diverted away from a major Chinese airport, according to the Shanghai Daily. Witnesses reported seeing a UFO circling the runway above Jiangbei International Airport in the city of Chongqing, an important aviation hub for southwestern China. Flights were diverted [...]

UFO over Johnson City

A UFO was photographed over Johnson City, according to August 4, 2011, testimony from the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) witness reporting database. A witness at Binghamton, NY, reported observing an object "as large as a football stadium" hovering over nearby Vestal that "shot up and vanished". The original sighting occurred when the witness was [...]

UFO Seen on LIVE NBC News in Texas

A UFO was filmed unintentionally LIVE by NBC News SkyCam at Fort Worth, Texas. Many amazed people who tried to see it by slow motion were able to see a UFO type of thing disappearing in the sky with lightening speed. The object comes straight down and turns around immediate, making a check-mark figure on the dark sky. UFO's are being sighted [...]

Pulsating UFO Captured on Video

Wednesday's night sky over Vancouver, BC played host to a pulsating UFO that was captured on video during skywatching activities from Burnaby Mountain Park on July 27, 2011. The UFO was detected by a night vision camera and tracked for nearly five minutes as it travelled SE to NW before disappearing behind a stand of trees. During this period, the [...]

UFO Over Embu das Artes, São Paulo, in Brazil

It’s been a while since we’ve had such an intriguing mass UFO sighting. This one took place Sunday, July 24th in Embu das Artes, Sao Paolo, Brazil. At least 30 witnesses saw the strange object "that seemed to be made of metal, grey-coloured, with metal feet" over Embu das Artes, São Paulo, in Brazil. Eyewitnesses state that the object had [...]

Google Earth Captures UFO

A mysterious UFO was capture by Google Earth, which was capture in a photo in Cape Town, South Africa. The image of the UFO seems to merge perfectly in the photo with the correct amount of lighting on it. You can also notice a cigar shaped object on the upper left corner of the UFO. You can also find the mysterious image using Google [...]
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