Michigan UFO caught in picture

May 29th 2011 | Posted by UFOSightingReporter

This Michigan UFO sighting was reported to MUFON. A unidentified flying object was caught in a picture as random photo’s were being taken by the witness in downtown Jackson, Michigan. Below is the actual witness report and description of the event:

“I was taking pictures in downtown Jackson, Michigan; I bracket my pictures (take 3 at a time at different exposures) for HDR imaging. It takes less than a second to shoot a bracketing of 3 photos. When I got home to process them, I noticed on one of the three bracketed photos was something to the right of this stone arch I was shooting. I was angled up towards the sky with my Canon 7D camera. The craft is only on one of the three photos. I was also using a tripod. I didn’t notice anything while shooting the pictures, no sound, nothing to grab my attention. I only noticed when I got home and started processing my photos.

The photo’s have been shown to several pilots says the witness and so far no one has been able to identify the unidentified flying object. Could this be a UFO captured by accident , you can look over the picture and decide for yourself.



(click to enlarge image)



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I think some of the u.f.o’s might not be because it just might be a satilite or something /I think the u.f.o sighting will never be reveled ,and some pics of u.f.o’s might not be real because they want to make a joke about it so they want to try to make us believe that it is a real alien.

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