New theory claims Roswell UFO crash incident was Russian craft

May 23rd 2011 | Posted by

Investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen has floated a new theory that the famous Roswell incident was not a crashed UFO but in fact it was a secret Russian aircraft with child size grotesque aviators developed by Nazi doctors and war criminal Josef Mengele doing human experiments. Jacobsen claims in her new book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base” her Roswell theory comes from an anonymous source who told her that Russian leader Joseph Stalin recruited Mengele and had the craft sent into U.S. air space in 1947 in an attempt to spark public hysteria.

Like many other conspiracy theories about Area 51 Jacobsen writes that the U.S. government was involved in the cover-up and reports of a crashed UFO which has now spawned a ongoing space alien legend that turned the area in New Mexico into a tourist hot spot. Bill Lyne says he agrees that the incident in Roswell was faked but he believes the hoax was perpetrated by the U.S government and not the Russians as he wrote in his book “Space Aliens from the Pentagon” that he self published in 1993. But he says he thinks the Mengele part of Jacobsen’s theory is a bunch of hogwash because the CIA recruited him and not the Russians and he was brought to Albuquerque.

Jacobsen Roswell Book

Annie Jacobsen

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) member Clifford Clift in Colorado said he has not read Jacobsen’s book but he has seen other articles which suggested the Roswell incident involved German and not Russian technology. Clift says that after researching some into Jacobsen’s claims he found a little truth in her theory but he says he believes it is a real stretch. He said why choose an isolated place like New Mexico and not a large city like New York to stage the crash if it was done in hopes to cause a public panic ? He said he thinks it is just another in a long line of random conspiracy theories of the Roswell incident.

Jacobsen is a contributing editor for the Los Angeles Times magazine says she believes the veracity of her source and thinks it is important that the information is put out there because it is the tip of a large iceberg. She also said she knows that many people out there will be skeptical.

UPDATE: According to Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the Roswell crash was REAL!

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