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Russian UFO Missile – July 12, 2011

A Russian, Kazakstan military missile, was captured changing shape during the course of the two minute video.  At one point, several UFOs or blinking lights seem to surround or escort the missile on its path. The UFO Global Reporting Center's caption on the video stated: "I re-taped this from a Chinese website called YOUKU. This is a [...]

UFO Captured During Live Fireworks Show on July 4th 2011 in Chicago

Unlike any ordinary day, a dark night filled with fireworks is the only time when UFOs can roam around without too much attention, but that wasn't the case on this 4th of July 2011. The following footage shows a flashing object flying at incredible speed, moving from right to left. I can say with certainty that it's not a plane, helicopter or [...]

UFOs in Arizona Dust Storm 2011

Two UFOs flying in the face of the recent Arizona dust storm was captured on video, which aired live on CNN on Tuesday, July 5, 2011. It shows the flying objects on the left side of the screen that cannot be positively identified as helicopters or airplanes. According to CNN, which aired the original video, the dust storm " . . . had [...]

Argentina officially launches UFO Commission

Argentina has now officially formed a UFO Commission (CIFA) which was launched in May 2011. The commission has been set up to study Aerospace Phenomena and to search for scientific and technical explanations for such phenomena which have yet to be identified. The commission will be under the direction of Captain Mariano Mohaupt and will [...]
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