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End of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program

After 30 years, aboard Atlantis, the last crew will make NASA’s 135th and final shuttle flight. It will be years before the United States sends its own spacecraft up again. Why is the shuttle program being retired? Is it old age, its inability to function properly (as it has proved on multiple occasions), budget cuts or the discovery of other [...]

NASA’s UFO footage and Alien Anomalies caught on film

This is a great compilation of UFO footage and alien anomalies caught on film by NASA's own cameras and discovered in their archives. Many of these anomalies and unidentified flying objects have yet to be explained by NASA or any other agency. There is some great footage of unexplained objects that i think you will find very interesting. You can [...]

Possible Mars Space Station located using Google Mars

Here is a video of a weird anomaly found on mars using Google mars. Some are already speculating that it could possibly be some type of mars space station or even a possible power station of some kind. David Martines an armchair astronaut discovered the weird anomaly and posted his findings along with coordinates for fellow explorers can discover [...]

Possible UFOs recorded as Endeavour reaches International Space Station

This is video of possible UFOs being seen as the Endeavour arrives at the International Space Station. As Endeavour docks three unknown objects appear in the background and then Ground Control orders 'Endeavour to please pause the playback'. This is a very unusual request if the objects were simply space junk or random objects because NASA control [...]
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