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Florida Institute for Technology’s Allsky camera records UFO – July 16, 2011

The Florida Institute for Technology's Allsky camera recorded a bright UFO on Saturday, July 16, 201. Another YouTuber, named Sheilaaliens, posted the stunning footage. The video shows a 360° image of the night sky. The brightest image in the shot is of the moon. A smaller, equally bright glowing orb is the unidentified flying object, which [...]

UFO footage from airplane over Japan

Here is a video taken from an airplane over Japan of a UFO June 2011. The unidentified flying object can be seen rather clearly in the video and seems to be rather flat in dimensions and is quite odd in shape. The UFO video only captures the object for a short time before it is out of sight. It is a very interesting sighting. Here is the UFO [...]

UFO sighting over New Jersey with pictures

Here is a UFO sighting report from New Jersey. The unidentified flying object was seen by an eye witness who was also able to get three pictures before losing site of it. The witness said he went outside at approx 1:30 PM to view an oncoming storm when a burst of lightning struck drawing his and a co-workers attention to the skyline. After [...]

Possible UFO sightings near Miami Airport

This possible UFO sighting comes from an eye witness near the airport in Miami Florida. A witness reported seeing a huge sphere of flashing light just north of the Miami Airport. The witness said he was driving along and turned onto the Palmetto Highway when he noticed the bright sphere moving slowly south. The sphere was super bright and was [...]
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