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Astronaut Musgrave says Aliens Exist but Not Visiting Earth

Former astronaut Musgrave will be speaking at the 2011 MUFON UFO Symposium in California next week and he will tell the crowd that he believes we're not alone in the universe. But he's also going to tell them that Earth has probably not been visited by extraterrestrials, which will disappoint the crowd of the 42nd annual event in Irvine. The [...]

UFO Disclosure from Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Former Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell claims that the presence of UFOs is real and that perhaps they have been visiting earth for thousands of years and contact has already been made. He believes that the government has covered up the existence of aliens and UFOs possibly since the 50's and a lot of information has been withheld from the [...]

Possible UFOs recorded as Endeavour reaches International Space Station

This is video of possible UFOs being seen as the Endeavour arrives at the International Space Station. As Endeavour docks three unknown objects appear in the background and then Ground Control orders 'Endeavour to please pause the playback'. This is a very unusual request if the objects were simply space junk or random objects because NASA control [...]
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